A vasectomy is a contraceptive procedure in which the vas deferens (sperm carrying tube), is cut and the cut ends are sealed in order to prevent the transportation of sperm. Sperm is still produced, but does not leave the body.

Dr. Khan can provide you with a vasectomy using fine techniques to make this procedure absolutely painless. If you are certain that you do not wish to expand your family, or if you are certain you do not wish to have children at all, a vasectomy is an effective means of achieving male birth control.


You will rest at our office for a short period of time after the procedure. Then we will send you home to rest for a couple of days. During this time, it is recommended that you avoid all strenuous activity. You should wear underwear during initial days. You can apply cold packs to ease swelling and reduce any discomfort. After a few days, you may be able to resume your normal activities.

The Procedure

A vasectomy is done as an outpatient procedure that can be performed in about half an hour. We can provide oral medications to help you feel relaxed during the procedure.

Resuming Sex after a Vasectomy

Sex can be resumed as soon as you feel comfortable, but you must use an additional birth control method until a follow-up sperm count is taken three months after your vasectomy.

Vasectomy Reversal

Anyone interested in undergoing a vasectomy should consider the effects permanent. However, some men who undergo a vasectomy find themselves experiencing a change of heart, due to reasons such as remarriage or the loss of a child. In these cases, Dr. Khan does perform vasectomy reversal.